The Nissan Patrol is a series of large four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by Nissan in Japan and sold throughout the world. The Patrol has been available as either a short-wheelbase (SWB) three-door or a long-wheelbase (LWB) five-door chassis since 1951. The LWB version has been offered in pickup truck and cab chassis variants. Between 1988 and 1994, Ford Australia marketed the Patrol as the Ford Maverick. In some European countries the Patrol was marketed by Ebro as the Ebro Patrol. In 1980 in Japan it became known as the Nissan Safari.

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  7. The Patrol is available in Australia, Central and South America, South Africa, parts of Southeast Asia and Western Europe as well as Iran and the Middle East, excluding North America where as of 2016, a modified version has been sold as the Nissan Armada. For the 2011 model year, it was made available in North America as the upscale Infiniti QX56. The Y61 platform is manufactured as a military vehicle in countries of Asia and the Middle East. Various versions of the Patrol are widely used by United Nations agencies. Y61 models are produced alongside the current Y62. The fourth and fifth generations are the main troop transport vehicles used by the Irish Army.

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  13. In September 1951 the 4W60 was introduced exclusively to Japanese Nissan dealerships. The overall styling was similar to the Willys Jeep. The 4W60 used the 75 hp 3.7L Nissan NAK engine from the Nissan 290 bus, but with part-time four-wheel drive and a four-speed manual transmission. The grille had a pressed-steel Nissan badge. A 4W70 Carrier-based wagon was available. The 4W61 was introduced in August 1955. The 4W61 changed the grille (with some chrome bars), a one-piece windshield that sits further back when folded, chrome strips on the hood and unequally sized seats (passenger’s side is wider than the driver’s). The other big change was the engine. The 4W61 was powered by the new 3.7-litre Nissan NB engine, producing 92 hp (69 kW), and later was powered by the 105 hp (78 kW) 4.0-litre Nissan NC engine. The grille badge was chrome and red and said “NISSAN”.

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  20. In October 1958 the 4W65 Patrol replaced the 4W61. The 4W65 changed the grille, which now had all chrome bars and redesigned front fenders and hood. A “NISSAN” badge was on the grille and “Patrol” badges were added on the sides of the hood. An eight-seater hardtop wagon, the WG4W65, was added. The short-lived 4W66 Patrol was introduced in December 1956, powered by the 125 hp 4.0 L P engine. The 4W66 was discontinued in June 1960. There was a wagon version of 4W66 called Carrier, from 1956 to 1959.

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  27. The Nissan 4W70 Carrier was introduced in 1950 based on the Dodge M37. The 4W70 used the M37’s chassis, but used the 4W60 Patrol drivetrain and engine. The grille was narrower and the front fenders changed. The 4W72 was introduced in 1955 (the 4W71 designation was skipped) with changes to the hood, grille and headlights. Power increased to 105 hp thanks to the new Nissan NC engine. Modifications again to the hood, fenders and grille and an increase in power to 145 hp led to the 4W73, introduced in 1959 and powered by the Nissan P engine.

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  50. The all-new, sixth generation, Y62 series Nissan Patrol was launched on 13 February 2010 in Abu Dhabi. A luxury version (Z62) was sold as the Infiniti QX56 from 2010, which was later renamed the Infiniti QX80 in 2013. The Y62 was introduced in North America under the Armada nameplate in 2016, for the 2017 model year. It was presented as a replacement for the Nissan Armada (WA60).

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