Amphisbaenia called amphisbaenians or worm lizards is a group of usually legless squamates, comprising over 180 extant species. Amphisbaenians are characterized by their long bodies, the reduction or loss of the limbs, and rudimentary eyes. As many species have a pink body and scales arranged in rings, they have a superficial resemblance to earthworms. While the genus Bipes retains forelimbs, all other genera are limbless. Although superficially similar to the snakes and blind lizards, recent phylogenetic studies suggest that they are most closely related to the true lizards. Amphisbaenians are widely distributed, occurring in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Western Asia and the Caribbean. They are not found east of the Caspian Sea. Most species are less than 6 inches (150 mm) long.


Amphisbaena alba

Slow Worm

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Iberian Worm Lizard

Munoa worm lizard

CalPhotos: Amphisbaena alba; Red Worm Lizard

Slow worm facts

Having no legs doesn't make you a snake

Blind Snake

Having no legs doesn't make you a snake

Blind Snake

Blanus tingitanus Busack, 1988



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